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Steam Cleaner Machine 12 Litres - PST012

Steam Cleaner Machine 12 Litres - PST012

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 Introducing the PST012 Steamer, a high-capacity, high-performance solution for extensive steaming needs. This mono-phase steamer operates at a reliable 7.5 bar pressure, ensuring consistent and efficient results across various applications.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: The PST012 offers a substantial 12-liter capacity, making it ideal for large-scale tasks that require continuous steam output.
  • Power: Featuring a powerful 5000 kW heating element, this steamer quickly reaches optimal temperatures, significantly boosting productivity.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 42 cm (L) x 22 cm (W) x 43 cm (H), the PST012 is designed to fit seamlessly into larger workspaces while providing the necessary capacity for demanding operations.
  • Weight: Weighing 38 kg, this robust steamer combines heavy-duty construction with durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in rigorous environments.

The PST012 is perfect for professionals in need of a reliable, high-capacity steamer that delivers outstanding pressure and efficiency. Whether used in commercial kitchens, laboratories, or industrial settings, the PST012 stands out for its exceptional performance and dependability. Choose the PST012 Steamer for your extensive steaming needs and experience unparalleled power and reliability.

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