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Pepe Tools Round & Oval Combo Bezel Forming Block, 7 Round & 7 Oval Shapes

Pepe Tools Round & Oval Combo Bezel Forming Block, 7 Round & 7 Oval Shapes

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About Round & Oval Combo Bezel Forming Block, 7 Round & 7 Oval Shapes

Introducing the Pepe Tools Bezel Block: a product of Italian craftsmanship and Pepe Tools renowned precision tooling. This professional-grade bezel block embodies the sophistication and meticulous detail demanded by accomplished bench jeweLlers.

Engineered with the discerning jeweLler in mind, the bezel block is constructed from hardened steel. We have utilised EDM machining to realise unparalleled precision. All sides are surface ground to ensure an impeccably flat and smooth finish, a necessity when dealing with the intricate requirements of high-end fabrication.

The bezel block measures 80mm in width, 130mm in length, and 24mm in thickness. It's compact yet powerful, guaranteeing precise control while comfortably fitting in your workspace. With its 7 round holes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10mm in diameter) and 7 oval holes of the same dimensions, the block is meticulously engineered to meet your every design requirement, giving you the flexibility to explore an array of styles and complexities in your work.

The set includes a round and oval bezel punch, each 124mm long. The round punch has a handle diameter of 16mm, and the oval punch measures 18mm in diameter. These features enable a firm grip and superior control over your work. Both feature 17-degree tapered cone, measuring 18mm in diameter and 26mm in length, to assist you in precise bezel forming and stone setting.

The Pepe Tools Bezel Block is not just a tool but a worthy addition to the arsenal of professional bench jewellers. It's the embodiment of precision, durability, and versatility – everything a professional jeweller demands from their tools. Whether you're crafting a minimalist ring or an elaborate necklace, this bezel block ensures your creations are nothing short of extraordinary. Elevate your jewellery making process to new heights of precision and finesse with the Pepe Tools Bezel Block.

Bezel Block Specifications:

  • 80mm wide x 130mm long x 24mm thick
  • 7 round holes
    • 4,5,6,7,8,9,10MM
  • 7 oval holes
    • 4,5,6,7,8,9,10MM
  • 1 oval bezel punch
    • 124mm long
    • 18mm handle diameter
  • 1 round bezel punch
    • 124mm long, 16mm handle diameter
    • 17 degree tapered cone
    • 18mm in diameter
    • 26mm in length
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