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Pepe Tools Oval Bezel Forming Block with Punch - 8 Holes, Large Sizes

Pepe Tools Oval Bezel Forming Block with Punch - 8 Holes, Large Sizes

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About Oval Bezel Forming Block w/ Punch - 8 Holes, Large Sizes

Manufactured in Italy to Pepe Tools specifications from precision hardened tool steel. This EDM machined bezel block will withstand the test of time due to its durable material and manufacturing processes. Bezel blocks are a valuable asset for creating quick, easy bezel settings for faceted stones and certain cabochons. Our bezel blocks, crafted in Italy, are made of specially hardened steel and include a corresponding punch. Given that punches are susceptible to breakage during regular use, we provide replacement punches for all our blocks.

The Italian-crafted oval bezel block we offer features 8 oval holes cut at a 75% ratio, adhering to the standard 17° angle.

  • Oval-shaped punch, cut at a 17° angle. 140mm in overall length, with a 20mm diameter handle
  • Block dimensions are 119mm tall x 132mm wide x 28mm thick
  • Weight is 14lbs
  • Maximum material thickness - 18 gauge

 The table below illustrates the width and length of each oval (8 various holes in total)

Hole # Length (mm) Width (mm)
Hole 14 14 10.5
Hole 15 15 11.25
Hole 16 16 12
Hole 17 17 12.75
Hole 18 18 13.5
Hole 19 19 14.25
Hole 20 20 15
Hole 21 21 15.75

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