Pepe Tools Extra-Wide Silver-Finish Jeweller's LED Task Lamp with USB Port

Pepe Tools Extra-Wide Silver-Finish Jeweller's LED Task Lamp with USB Port

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This high-quality 24"-wide jeweller's task lamp, with 144 LED chips, provides full illumination across your bench or work surface, and has a built-in rheostat, allowing you to adjust the light's brightness from very dim to maximum. A built-in light diffuser ensures superior, balanced light. Additionally, the lamp features a handy USB port, convenient for charging (or powering) your smartphone, tablet, computer or any USB-compatible accessory.

The lamp offers a fully positional articulating arm (32" reach) that easily locks into any desired position using the fold-down clamp handles on the upright. Secure the lamp to your bench or work surface in either of two ways: screw it permanently to the surface (hardware is not included) or use the mounting clamp (included; 1-1/2" capacity) to attach it at the edge of your bench or table. The lamp body is constructed of lightweight aluminum with an easy-on-the-eye, non-glare, non-reflective matte finish. The power cord is a full 6 feet long; ideal for positioning the lamp as needed.


  • Output power: 80 watts equivalent (max); adjustable via rheostat
  • LED lux output: 930–4,850 (adjustable); measured at a distance of 12"
  • Color temperature: 6,000°K
  • Lumen color rating: 4,464 lumens
  • Energy consumption: 28 watts
  • Power output: 36 watts 
  • Power : 110/220 volts (dual); 50/60Hz; 0.25 amps
  • Weight - 9lbs
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