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Hatho Mounted Geza White Goat Hair Brush - 100 HP

Hatho Mounted Geza White Goat Hair Brush - 100 HP

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This Hatho Geza 100 HP brush is a miniature toothed brush fabricated with white goat hair and on a 2.34 mm shank. The perfect brush guaranteed for excellent grinding, polishing and brightening of all precious and non-precious alloys. The brush provides a more intensive polishing, thanks to the premium goat hair light impact effect.

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Product description:

Made from white goat hair, this specially serrated brush generates an intense polish suitable for grinding, polishing and buffing all alloys.


Diameter: 22 mm

Trim length: 2 mm

Shank: 2.34 mm

Inner diameter of the brush: 14 mm

Metal shaft diameter: 10 mm

Maximum speed:

10000 rpm

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