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Maxima Neo Electric Micromotor System (MOA35ST- 35,000RPM)

Maxima Neo Electric Micromotor System (MOA35ST- 35,000RPM)

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Introducing the Maxima Neo Set (MOA35ST) – a reliable companion tailored for industrial precision. This Dremel-style micro motor system is purpose-built for serious work, making it ideal for jewellery making, as well as deburring, grinding, and sanding intricate parts.

Equipped with a Euro 220V 2-pin plug, this complete set is straightforward and ready for action. 

Key Features:

  • Variable Speed Control: Effortlessly adjust your speed from 2,000 to 35,000, offering flexibility for a range of tasks.

  • High Torque Power: With a robust torque of 6.5N/CM, it brings solid performance to every application.

  • Foot Control: Take charge of your work pace with the included foot control feature.

  • Quick Release Handpiece (PHP35): Streamline your workflow by easily switching between tasks.

  • Dual Rotation: Adapt to project needs with the option of left and right rotation.

  • Stability with Bench Tool Rest: Ensure accuracy with a handy bench tool rest.

  • Versatile Collet Options: The fixed straight handpiece with a 3mm collet is complemented by additional options of 3.2, 2.35, and 1.6, catering to various applications.

The Maxima Neo Set is a no-nonsense tool designed for serious craftsmen. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this set delivers the power and precision needed for your most demanding projects.

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