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Maxima Neo Controller & Handpiece Super Torque (MOA201S- 8,000RPM)

Maxima Neo Controller & Handpiece Super Torque (MOA201S- 8,000RPM)

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Introducing the MOA201S – a comprehensive toolkit designed for precision and efficiency. This micromotor set comprises essential components tailored to meet the demands of meticulous tasks and intricate craftsmanship.

Key Components:

  • DC Motor Handpiece (8,000 rpm): A powerhouse designed for precision, offering a max speed of 8,000 rpm with a huge 9.8Ncm of Torque for heavier slower speed applications.

  • EX201: Consisting of EX20 Motor and JA15 Replaceable Head. Enjoy seamless task transitions with the EX201 quick-release handpiece, ensuring a swift and efficient workflow.

  • Maxima NEO Controller (NSC90): The brains behind the operation, providing control and precision to elevate your work.

  • Variable Foot Controller (TPF100): Take command of your pace with the variable foot controller, allowing you to adjust speed effortlessly.

  • Handpiece Stand (TRC04): Keep your workspace organised and your tools within reach with the included handpiece stand.

  • Spare Carbon Brush Set: Ensure longevity and consistent performance with the spare carbon brush set.

  • Chuck Wrench: Effortlessly change accessories with the chuck wrench, adding convenience to your work.

  • Chuck Joint Wrench: A versatile tool for adjusting chuck joints, ensuring your equipment stays in top shape.

  • Joint Stopper: Enables rapid switching of motor heads. 

The MOA201S set is a comprehensive solution for craftsmen who demand precision, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you're working on detailed projects or tackling a variety of tasks, this toolkit equips you with the tools needed to elevate your craftsmanship.

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