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Komet MAXIMum Mounted Abrasive Sintered Wheel- #DCB7CA

Komet MAXIMum Mounted Abrasive Sintered Wheel- #DCB7CA

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For shaping and sharpening gravers, drills, chisels, hammers and many other tools for jewellery making and hobby construction.

  • Effective on hard materials, steel and carbide
  • Soft and pressure-free grinding
  • Extremely long service life and very good edge stability
  • High diamond grit concentration in a special ceramic bond
  • Leaves a fine finish

 (Photos by Alexandre - Diamond Setting School, Belgium)

Product name: DCB7CA.104.220 PU 5
Size: 220
size diameter: 220 1/10mm
GBL_Shaft 104
Packaging Unit: 1
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