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KC Ingot Molds by Christian Koch

KC Ingot Molds by Christian Koch

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About KC Ingot Mold by Christian Koch

An innovative line of ingot molds engineered and designed by Austrian goldsmith Christian Koch. Now exclusively available in the UK with Armitage Tools. Each individual ingot mold is made from three pieces. The mold itself is machined from round billet, with a matching pattern on either side. Each side then comes together in an innovative metal sleeve which allows for a consistent ingot from all material types. Pour in gold, silver, platinum, and more. Furthermore, the mold is designed to fit into production induction casing machines. Throughly optimized design for perfect metal flow into the mold cavity. Two stainless steel halves and one precision alignment cylinder for a perfect ingot, every time. Alignment cylinder is held together with high-temp o-rings utilizing friction and gravity to align mold precisely 

The KC mold is an innovative casting that makes the production of semi-finished products much easier. 

It opens up new opportunities to optimize the work process, significantly increase the quality of semi-finished products and reduce the cost factor “time”.

Manufactured in the Stubaital, which is known not only in Austria, but throughout the globe, for its metal industry and tool making precision.

When purchasing the ingot mold, please select the style you would like and at least one sleeve. The sleeve is not included with the mold shapes, however it is necessary to operate. Once a sleeve is purchased no further sleeves are needed. 

🌟 Accelerated Cavity Filling: Experience unprecedented efficiency with our mold's large sprue design, ensuring faster filling of cavities and saving valuable time.

🌟 Rapid Melt Cooling: Crafted for excellence, the mold's robust structure promotes quicker cooling of the melt. Remember to use a button to manage shrinkage effectively during the casting process.

🌟 Mandatory Anti-Stick Coating: Avoid the hassle of ingots sticking! Coat the mold with recommended agents like boron nitride spray, silicone spray, or even simple wax to ensure seamless release.

🌟 Designed for Beginners: Embrace mistake-free casting with our spill-proof design, perfect for apprentices or beginners. Learn the craft without the mess and the stress!

The sleeve is machined from billet steel, and then plated. Specs of the tube are below

  • Diameter - 65mm (2.5")
  • Height - 81mm (3.2")
  • Weight 710g (1.6lbs)

The inserts, available in multiple ingot shapes have the following specifications

  • Diameter - Tapered from 50mm (2") to 45mm (1.8")
  • Height - 85mm (3.3")
  • Weight - Ranges from 1kg (2.2lbs)

Advantages - 

  • No spill/overflow of precious material
  • Easy open and close
  • No screws or clamps necessary, aligns perfectly 
  • Melt solidifies faster due to material mass
  • Rounded edges on the ingots

Inserts come in a range of sizes, please see the chart below for further reference

 Ingot Size L x W x H 18k Gold
14k Gold Silver  Alloys
30mm (Sheet) 30x5x55(mm) 110 Gramm 90 g 75g
20mm (Sheet) 20x5x55(mm) 80 Gramm 65 g 55g
10mm (Sheet) 10x5x55(mm) 40 Gramm 34 g 28g
8mm (Round) 8mm x 55mm 42 Gramm 36 g 29 g
6mm (Round) 6mm x 55mm 23 Gramm 19 g 15 g


Instructions and data sheet

Please use a non stick agent in application. With time, the Ingot Molds create a natural patina. Candle soth, boron nitride spray or silicone spray are a must! 

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