JURA QC Complete Set With Eccentric Ball Vise

JURA QC Complete Set With Eccentric Ball Vise

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

New!!! with Eccentric Ball vise. The Complete Set expands upon the Basic Set and includes an amazing assortment of workholding solutions for any stone setter. Specialised clamps are ideal for uniquely-shaped projects, including rings, pendants, earrings, burr sharpening, drill making and beading tool sharpening. Grooved jaws allow you to quickly remove the workpiece and resharpen beading tools in one fixture. Each jaw can be customised using Thermo-Loc for production-style setting. Brass tapered holders can be customised to hold a variety of objects, including spherical items. Shellac and Thermo-Loc cylinders provide support for fragile ring work.


JURA Eccentric Ball Vise

Jura Master Jaws

5 mm Hex Key

Flat Clamps

Vertical Ring Holder

Outside Ring Holder

6 mm Cylinder Top

10 mm Cylinder Top

20 mm Round Top

20 mm Straight Top

40 mm Straight Top

Engraver's Clamps

Thermo-Loc Engraver's Clamps

Shellac Plate

Horizontal Ring Clamps

Inside Ring Holder Screw Set

Thermo-Loc Cylinder

Shellac Cylinder

Tapered Point Holders

Tapered Ball Holders

10 Plastic Collets

Organiser for QC Basic Set

Organiser for QC Complete Set

Organiser for Tapered Holders & Cylinders

Organiser for Shellac Plate & Thermo-Loc Clamps

Weight: 5.00 kg

Photos showing old sets & product available from mid October- November 2023!

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