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JURA QC Basic Set Excluding Ball Vise

JURA QC Basic Set Excluding Ball Vise

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.


The Basic Set is ideal for artists working with rings. It utilises the Jura Master Jaws and Quick Change fixtures to create a system that has been designed for ultimate work efficiency. The QC approach allows you to switch fixtures in just seconds. The Horizontal Ring Holder (combination of the Horizontal Ring Clamps and the Inside Ring Holder Screw Set has an independent locking system, allowing separate tension adjustments for the collet and the rotation of the ring. The Vertical Ring Holder is a simple and effective vertical ring solution. Ten expandable collets ensure finding the correct size for your work (Sizes 13–22 mm). A grooved set of flat clamps will hold practice plates and other flat items both square and round. They can also be used for holding beading tools for polishing and sharpening. Also compatible with GRS Microblock.


Jura Master Jaws
5 mm Hex Key
Flat Clamps with 2,35mm Pin Holes
Vertical Ring Holder
Horizontal Ring Clamps
Inside Ring Holder Screw Set
10 Plastic Collets
Organiser for QC Basic Set

Weight: 1.50 kg

Photos showing old sets & product available from mid October- November 2023!

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