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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

The JURA Graver Pro system offers the most complete scale of functionality needed for the most advanced masters in diamond setting & engraving!

A Powerful, Silent & Brushless E-Type Micromotor with slim nose NSK handpiece for any precision work under the microscope. Torque 7.8N/cm. that easily deals with deep drilling & Burring in any metal.

+ A Revolutionary Powerful Pneumatic Graver that does NOT require a compressor! Deals easily with any possible challenge, from deep hard metal carving up to fine bulino engraving without force!
+Hot & Cold Air blower

For engraving, this system does NOT require a compressor. However a small Oil free compressor is required for the Air blowers only!

10 quick changes with colour coding
1x set of gravers
1x Controlbox
1x Engraving handpiece
1x pedal for the graver
1x slim nose Hand piece for Micromotor for micro pave diamond setting. Feels like a pen in the hand reducing hand fatigue for longer working hours!
1x Heavy duty handpiece for large drill & burs, swell as polishing.
1x JURA Bench-top holder for the handpiece, which is essential to prevent pulling aswel as breaking of the cable!
1x Bench holder for the handpiece.
1x Control box
1x Pedal
1x Hot Air Blower
1x Cold Air Blower

Weight: 9 kg

MADE TO ORDER- Production time approximately 6 weeks.
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