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JURA Ergonomic Stool For Diamond Setters

JURA Ergonomic Stool For Diamond Setters

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

Using the JURA Ergonomic Stool for Diamond Setters not only increases your productivity, but also strengthens your muscles and improves your sitting posture!

The Stool is especially designed to keep your back healthy and prevent back pain due to long sits behind the working bench. The stool puts your body in an active, natural and relaxed position. Your weight is evenly distributed over the seat and floor. In this way, both the advantages of sitting and standing are utilised.

Adjusting the height is very easy with the help of the gas spring. Sitting for a long time can make you drowsy, which negatively affects your ability to concentrate and productivity. The floating seat keeps you back active because its mobility stimulates your muscles and blood circulation.

Weight: 7.00 kg

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