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JURA Divider & Caliper

JURA Divider & Caliper

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

NEW Short version!

This compact-style digital divider is great for precision layout of your stones and marking. This improved model has a size that makes it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The metal body and special Hardened Chrome Steel Jaws makes it into an indispensable Power Tool! The new alloy prevents your tips from chipping in comparison to the previous carbide version! This model has pre-sharpened jaws. We recommend using the Diamond Polishing Wheels for shaping your tips up to your wishes!

Also NEW is the Short version Caliper! This compact 100mm Digital Caliper is perfect size for jewelry related measuring. The Caliper has Standard hardened metal Jaws and comes with organizer for the JURA microscope stand.

Both tools come Including organiser.

Choose your best CombiDeal!

Use only original "Duracell" high power batteries!

Weight: 0.30 kg

Product available from mid October- November 2023!

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