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NEW JURA Collet Organiser

NEW JURA Collet Organiser

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Simplify your workspace with our stylish Organiser for Collets. This unique organiser features a detachable foot, Ideal for those using sets of brass and plastic collets, it enhances efficiency by letting you easily identify and select the right collet for the right ring size without unnecessary handling. Ready to elevate your workshop’s functionality and aesthetics? This Acrylic organiser is a must-have for meticulous craftsmen. Available with or without collets. 

The JURA Brass & Plastic Collet Organiser is a refined storage solution crafted to store the JURA Brass Collets and the JURA Plastic Plastic Collets. This accessory enhances the efficiency of your workspace by keeping your Collets within reach.

Designed for the Set of 15 Brass Collets 015-22mm including radius divider and Set of 10 Plastic Collets rings sizes 13–22 mm.

Weight: 0.30 kg

(This product comes as the organiser only and no brass or plastic collets are included).


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