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JURA 3X Line Starter Set

JURA 3X Line Starter Set

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

 Unveiling the NEW MODEL! The 3X Line has undergone a complete renewal and enhancement, and the Starter Set stands as one of the most innovative workholding solutions in the jewellery industry. With a weight of 3.00 kg, this set introduces the upgraded 3X 85mm Ball vise, delivering a multi-axis approach that ensures your work is never out of centre again.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionised Design: The 3X Line is completely renewed and improved, featuring the upgraded 85mm Ball vise for enhanced workholding capabilities.

  • Multi-Axis Precision: With a multi-axis approach, this system ensures that your work has unlimited access and is always perfectly centred.

  • Microscope Compatibility: Perfect for setters using a microscope, this product saves time and frustration by providing precise control and manoeuvrability.

  • Comprehensive Set: The Starter Set includes essential components such as the NEW 3X 85mm Vice, 3X Master Clamps, 3X Holder, a set of Jura Stackable Bases, a 5 mm Hex Key, and a set of Plastic & Brass Collets with Radius Divider.

  • Robust Construction: Robust brass collets guarantee sturdy holding of rings, while Jura Stackable Bases maintain work at a proper height depending on the attachment.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 3.00 kg


  • Product will be available from mid-October to November 2023.

Elevate your jewellery workholding experience with the JURA 3X Line Starter Set — where precision meets innovation for a masterpiece in craftsmanship.

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