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JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder

JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder

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Precision Redefined for Dynamic Craftsmanship.

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Weight: 0.35 kg

The Hobo Nickel Holder uses a unique brass collet system that has been designed specifically for the most popular coins artists work with. The outer portion of the vice provides a sturdy clamping system to reduce vibration. Includes collets for Penny, Dime, Nickel, Quarter, Dollar, Half Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar. Coins not included. Use this clamp on any (None JURA) Vise with help of Aluminium Adaptorblock!
Inner Ø in mm; 19.07/ 21.2/ 21.28/ 24.2/ 26.49/ 30.6/ 38.1

Fits 3X Line only.

Price is for fixture only!

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