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JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder

JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder

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Precision Redefined for Dynamic Craftsmanship.

Refine your coin artistry with the JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder, meticulously crafted for precision and versatility. Designed with a unique brass collet system, this holder is tailored for the most popular coins artists work with, offering a secure and vibration-reducing clamping system.

Key Features:

  • Brass Collet System: The unique brass collet system ensures a secure grip on popular coins, providing stability and reducing vibration during your artistic process.

  • Sturdy Clamping System: The outer portion of the vice offers a robust clamping system, adding an extra layer of stability to your work.

  • Wide Compatibility: Includes collets for Penny, Dime, Nickel, Quarter, Dollar, Half Dollar, and Eisenhower Dollar. Coins not included.

  • Versatile Inner Diameters: With inner diameters ranging from 19.07 mm to 38.1 mm, this holder accommodates a variety of coin sizes, offering flexibility in your coin artistry.

  • Compatibility with 3X Line: Exclusively designed to fit the JURA 3X Line, ensuring seamless integration with your existing toolkit.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Inner Ø in mm: 19.07/21.2/21.28/24.2/26.49/30.6/38.1


  • Price is for fixture only.
  • Product will be available from mid-October to November 2023.

Dedicated to Alexey Saburov ARTS, the JURA 3X Hobo Nickel Holder empowers your coin artistry with unmatched precision and craftsmanship. 

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