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Industry Ultrasonic Cleaner - 10 Litres (With Timer and Heater)

Industry Ultrasonic Cleaner - 10 Litres (With Timer and Heater)

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Introducing the Paul Machinery 10L Ultrasonic Cleaner (DR-MH100), expertly crafted in Belgium for superior performance. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel SUS304, this cleaner features a 10-litre tank (302x239x150 mm) and operates at a 40KHz ultrasonic frequency with 240W power. Equipped with a 0-60 minute timer (including an infinity setting) and a 310W heater, it ensures thorough and efficient cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Premium Build: Durable stainless steel SUS304 construction.
  • Optimal Performance: 40KHz frequency and 240W ultrasonic power for efficient cleaning.
  • Advanced Timer and Heater: 0-60 minute timer with infinity setting and 310W heating power for precise control.
  • Convenient Design: Includes an accessory basket, drainage system, and lid for ease of use.


  • Tank Capacity: 10L (302x239x150 mm)
  • Power Supply: 220V
  • Dimensions: Package size 46x36x43 cm, N/G: 6.5 kg, G/W: 8.45 kg

Experience unmatched cleaning efficiency and quality with the Paul Machinery 10L Ultrasonic Cleaner, designed to meet the highest standards of precision and reliability.

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