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EVE FLEXI-D Polishing Discs

EVE FLEXI-D Polishing Discs

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Introducing EVE FLEXI-D, the essential flexible finishing and polishing discs for both precious and non-precious metals. This four-step system ensures a flawless result at every stage of your polishing process.

Step 1: Blue (Coarse) - Removing and Contouring Effortlessly remove imperfections and contour your metal surfaces with precision. (17 x 0.21mm)

Step 2: Pink (Medium) - Smoothing and Pre-Polishing Achieve a smooth, refined surface as a preparation for the next stage. (17 x 0.17mm)

Step 3: Yellow (Fine) - A brilliant polish. (17 x 0.14mm)

Step 4: White (Extra-fine) - A high-shine finish (17 x 0.11mm)

Designed with quality and durability in mind, EVE Flexi-D discs are flexible and easy to use, allowing you to reach curved and contoured surfaces effortlessly.

Best paired with the EVE 95HP Mandrel.

Recommended operating speed: 5,000-10,000rpm. 

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