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EVE FiberWheels- Abrasive Buff Wheels

EVE FiberWheels- Abrasive Buff Wheels

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Enhance your jewellery and metal working toolkit with these exceptional impregnated buffing wheels. Ideal for a wide range of applications such as deburring, de-oxidizing, rust removal, texturing, and achieving high-shine finishes on all metals. 

No additional polishing pastes required; they are ready to use. Enjoy their remarkable flexibility for contoured and curved surfaces, while their open pore structure ensures minimal heat generation. Compatible with hobby drills, pendant motors, micro motors, and flexible shafts. Crafted by EVE in Germany, renowned for their high quality.

Available in three grades and purchased individually:

  • Brown: Coarse - removal of rust, oxides, stains, corrosion, and materials.
  • Black: Medium - smoothens and pre-polishes with medium abrasiveness.
  • Red: Fine - provides high-shine fine polishing results.

Dimensions: 25 x 11(mm)

Recommended operating speed: 5,000-10,000rpm. 

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