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Donegan OptiVISOR DA-5 2.5 X Magnification at 8"

Donegan OptiVISOR DA-5 2.5 X Magnification at 8"

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About Donegan OptiVISOR DA-5 2.5 X Magnification at 8"

The Genuine Donegan OptiVISOR is a precision binocular headband magnifier that permits unrestricted user efficiency while reducing eye strain. It leaves both hands free and allows three-dimensional vision. Used by anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work. Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses.

DA-5 gives 2.5 X magnification and focuses at 8"

This is the original OptiVISOR proudly made by Donegan Optical Ltd right here in the USA, using precision ground glass lenses. Available in a range of magnifications. Note the higher the magnification the shorter the focal length, this is the distance from the object to your eyes. 

Instantly adjustable and suitable for most head sizes.  lightweight and comfortable you can wear it all day long, simply flip it down when you need magnification. It also incorporates a padded headband with a replaceable sweatband.

Tip: - For great magnifications, you need to work more closely. Consider the kind of work you do and how far you want to be from your work. For most jewelry work the DA-4 and DA-5 offer the best solution. For example, if soldering or using rotary tools you perhaps want to be a little further away. All Lenses are quickly interchangeable, so additional lenses can be purchased in the future.

OptiVISOR Specs

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1.5 times



1.75 times



2 times



2.5 times



2.75 times



3.5 times

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