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Pepe Tools Electro-Melt Gold & Silver Melting Furnace (3kg or 1kg)

Pepe Tools Electro-Melt Gold & Silver Melting Furnace (3kg or 1kg)

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About Electro-Melt Gold & Silver Melting Furnace (3kg or 1kg)

The Kerr Maxi-Melts are a line of compact electric furnaces for melting metals. They are designed to be hand-held for easy pouring of the metal directly from the furnace. This makes them ideal for use in casting, reclaiming, alloying and refining metals.

Formerly known as Kerr Maxi-Melts, the Ventura-Melts are automatic and feature electronic controllers for extremely precise melting of metal, including high-karat gold. The electronic feature regulates the temperature by providing full
power input to the furnace until a selected temperature is attained, and will hold the temperature to a +/- 5ºF/3ºC. Maximum temperature 1120ºC/2050ºF.

Maxi-Melts are supplied with a graphite stirring rod and a graphite crucible which provides a reducing atmosphere during melting.

  • Available in 3KG  and 1KG 
  • Max Temp - 1120ºC/2050ºF
  • Gold Capacity
    • 930G   (1kg - 30z model)
    • 3100G (3kg - 100z model)
  • Silver Capacity
    • 775G    (1kg - 30oz model)
    • 2600G (3kg -100z model)
  • 120 Volts, 7.2 Amps, 850 Watts, 50/60 Hertz, Single Phase

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