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Pepe Tools Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge - RED

Pepe Tools Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge - RED

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About Haymaker Saw by Lion Punch Forge

  • A beautiful; innovative design focusing first on balance and the fundamentals of proper sawing.

  • Engineered from the ground up with a focus on a perfect center of gravity.

  • Handle is press fit onto the frame eliminating the worry of loose handles or handles falling off

  • 5" Throat to easily cut larger pieces

  • 7 ounces of total weight that is perfectly balanced between the frame and the custom aluminum handle

  • The aluminum alloy specially chosen for the frame was selected for its properties of durability, hardness, and weight.

  • Offered in 4 colours: (BLACK, BLUE, PINK, RED).


When it comes to using a jewelers piercing saw, many people struggle to understand the saw blades. Which one do I need for a particular task? why do I keep breaking them?. In this detailed blog Dave Wilson explains every aspect of the jewelers saw, with helpful charts to shows you exactly which drill land saw blade to choose for every requirement.


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