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Balkan Plastic Flexible Shaft: Red Sheating

Balkan Plastic Flexible Shaft: Red Sheating

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Product Description:

Designed for high-speed operation up to 15000 - 25000 for 200 W and 125 W spiral motors.

 High temperature resistant metal coated outer surface and stainless steel wire placed in it for increase durability and service life. Universal flexible shaft is using safely in jewelry, dentistry, mold polishing and other applications. It has been produced using high quality materials, this flexible shaft transmits the power from the motors flexibly, silently and without vibration to the handpieces.
Shaft Diameter: Ø5 mm
Bearings: 1X624ZZ 2X623ZZ
Length: 970mm
Motor and Handpiece Connection: Universal
Direction of rotation: CCW - clockwise
Twist Radio Min. : R100 mm.

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