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Komet #249 - Knife Edge Cutting Burr Pack of 6 (size available: 0.90mm-10.00mm)

Komet #249 - Knife Edge Cutting Burr Pack of 6 (size available: 0.90mm-10.00mm)

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Product description:

This high quality steel burr from Komet has a knife edge shaped profile measuring between 0.90mm and 10.00mm in diameter and mounted on a 2.34mm shank.

Burrs are used in conjunction with a pendant drill, micromotor or hobby drill in order to cut or grind away, shape or give pattern to a surface of any precious or non-precious alloy. We recommend using with white oil as a lubricant to extend the life of the burr. 

 Excellent and precise work results for goldsmiths, silversmiths, gem setters, engravers and model builders. For fine surface quality and optimal material removal.

Long service life and cutting performance, especially when processing gold and silver alloys as well as brass and bronze, thanks to the perfectly matched toothing to the milling shapes and dimensions.

Not suitable for hard and tough materials such as platinum and palladium alloys, titanium, stainless steel and hard metal.

Product name:249.104.010 pack of 6
size diameter:010 1/10mm
Max. RPM:



Optimum speed:5000
Packaging Unit:6
descriptionlens shape
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