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JURA 3X Thermo-Loc® Clamps

JURA 3X Thermo-Loc® Clamps

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Precision Engineered for Masterful Efficiency.

Unlock the potential of the 3X System with the JURA Thermo-Loc® Clamps, a lightweight solution at 0.10 kg crafted to redefine your workholding experience. Tailored to hold irregular-shaped pieces, these clamps are designed to keep Thermo-Loc in place and allow you to effortlessly create random-shaped clamps.

Key Features:

  • 3X System Integration: Harness the advantages of the 3X System, elevating your workholding precision and efficiency to new heights.
  • Irregular-Shaped Piece Holding: Specifically designed to secure irregular-shaped pieces, ensuring a stable grip and precise positioning for intricate work.
  • Thermo-Loc Compatibility: Engineered to keep Thermo-Loc in place, offering stability and versatility in your workholding approach.
  • Effortless Clamp Creation: Allows you to effortlessly create random-shaped clamps with Thermo-Loc, providing flexibility in your artistic process.

Technical Details:

  • Weight: 0.10 kg


  • Product will be available from mid-October to November 2023.

Perfect your workholding technique with the JURA Thermo-Loc® Clamps — where precision meets adaptability for a masterpiece in craftsmanship.


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